ATC- Aerotranscargo Sharjah New Jobs 2022

ATC is one of the fastest growing airline cargo company with quality deployment. We connect different services and destinations with a fleet of digital technology and air solutions. We strive to deliver creative supply chain solutions that help our customers to their grow business. ATC's ex pertise will resolve the customer's requirements across all fields of aviation industry. Our special ists are well experienced and have a great knowl edge in the air domain that makes the company unique in aviation industry.

ATC strives the best for a sustained growth and to maintain the reputation in the industry. We lay road for our success of being a leading avia tion advisory team and cargo aircraft lessor. We never failed to guarantee access of our service anywhere across the world. No matter how chal lenging the destination is ATC assures excellence in the service at the shortest notice, based on customer's needs.

ATC wants to have its business with all its cus tomers with integrity, fair dealings and honesty. These policies will be extended in relationship with any of our clients, service provider, suppli ers and even third party people and the stake holders. ATC always believes a fair competition and will never encourage any activities that in volve non ethical and unprofessional ideologies.

We always work with our customers in the most lawful manner and never allow any unprofes sional business practices to achieve our vision. We extend this professional policy to all the peo ple who work for us. We believe hard that follow ing non ethical actions will only lead to failure.

ATC makes sure that all its clients, supporters and suppliers work legally without involving into any non-ethical practices. We also extend this idea to our customers. We are committed to the international business laws and regulations and we ensure quality and safety in all our opera tions with our customers.
ATC was established on November 2014 and has its principle office located at Moldova and the operational office at Sharjah, UAE.


Ground Engineer B1
Ground Engineer B2
Aircraft Technician - B1
Aircraft Technician - B2
MCC Engineer
Publication Manager
Sr. Materials Manager
Aviation Security Manager
Flight Dispatcher


Interested candidates can visit the official website of the company given below and then select the job vacancy you want and apply. Company will notify you if you are selected. Click here to apply now.

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